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The Know How Programme

The Know How Programme The Know How Programme
The Know How Programme Behaviour Management Toolkit - Avoiding Exclusion at School

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Forthcoming Open Courses Forthcoming Open Courses

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NLP 4 Education is a training organisation offering a range of 'psycho-educational' programmes designed to ...




Assist teachers and other education staff to work in ways that improve performance and results, enhance engagement and reduce challenging behaviour.

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Help children and young people develop skills that enable them to think, communicate, act and relate in ways that are personally and socially most useful.


Support schools to improve wellbeing and reduce stress.

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a practical approach to the psychology and interpersonal communication. Derived from researching the strategies of people who naturally do things well - studying the difference that makes the difference - NLP has generated a range of approaches and tools that can be applied within education settings to improve results, help behaviour management, raise esteem, manage stress, and support effectiveness.

Why NLP 4 Education?

We recognise that some NLP is delivered in a way that can be perceived as manipulative, evangelical, 'Californian hype', without a real understanding of education issues and values.

NLP 4 Education exists to deliver open courses and in-house programmes


that offer immediately usable, practical tools and approaches that have an effect in the classroom


in a way that is consistent with education values,


by people who are skilled in NLP and experienced in working with young people,


at prices that offer good value for the public purse.

As trainers we keep group size small to form positive relationships with each participant, and help them in their learning journeys. We want participants to use what they learn, care about how they apply what they learn, and coach with practical skills.

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